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  1. Others
    I have been sniping for like 2 years and have used Echo1 guns mostly,but my m28 is my fav. Anyway I am looking to upgrade my m28 what should I use?:shrug:
  2. Others
    last week i was playing a game with some friends, when my m28 started slam firing. so i took it home, test fired it again and it stopped slam firing. all the sears are intact as well, so i have no clue what the problem could be. any ideas?
  3. For Sale
    Hello snipers... the time has come to unload my M28 with the following: Upgrades: M170 spring, steel spring guide w/ ball bearing rotation cuff, steel piston, steel engagement piston PolarStar High Flow Cylinder Head steel trigger sears angel custom hopup chamber and rubber bucking 6.01 650mm...
1-3 of 3 Results