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  1. Others
    I have the King arms mdt lss m700, and I have an issue where the gun won't cock normally. When I engage the safety prior to cocking the gun will cock, but can be unlocked by hitting the back of the bolt. I'm trying to disassemble the upper from the lower to access the trigger mechanism to try...
  2. Tanaka Rifles
    I was thinking about getting a GBB sniper rifle. The KJW M700 caught my eye. But I've read some things about inconsistency. I don't wanna spend too much on upgrades either. Just put in an R-hopped PDI barrel, and maybe a high flow valve if that's possible for rifles. I've read it shoots stock...
  3. Others
    Hello guys please i need help , when i shoot its like 1 bb ----> 4m 2bb-->8m 3bb-->20m 4bb-->5m , i think the knocker does not return the same way every time. and spring in bolt is weird , at one point the spring stops.(sorry for my english ,sometimes i must use google translator:hehe:) I use...
1-3 of 3 Results