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  1. Wanted
    Looking for maruzen aps2 magazine. just pm me for offers. need atleast 3 pcs.
  2. Maruzen Rifles
    So I have a the pdi hop up unit in my gun and I'm guessing a standard bucking. I keep having problems with my bbs tailing off to about 11 o'clock at medium to long distances. And also some inconsistencies. I'm shooting some .43 bbs that aren't the best quality and could account for the all to...
  3. For Sale
    Wanting to sell my Maruzen type 96, it's in great condition and will come with one mag. Upgrades are below 1. AA zero trigger 2. Pdi hop up unit 3. Prometheus 6.03 barrel 4. reinforced cylinder 5. Barrel spacers 6. Threaded barrel 7.upgraded spring This gun is shooting pretty hot. It's in great...
  4. The Lounge
    So I'm back into airsoft. I have 20 acres to play on with about 30 friends who play and have guns out here in the country. Here's what I'm starting out with and Id love any advice that could be given! So I have my maruzen type 96 with the following upgrades Pdi hop Prommy 6.03 barrel Upgraded...
  5. Maruzen Rifles
    I was rebuilding one of my APS-2s with pretty much all PDI parts, and recently PDI was having a sale on its outlet web store, so I just get the final piece of the puzzle --- v-Trigger. The assembly arrived shortly and I tried to install it on my rifle right away, and I found that the piston is...
  6. Maruzen Rifles
    What are the differences(other than cosmetic) and which one would you recommend? Please discuss. I could not find another thread like this, so excuse me if one has been made already like this.
  7. General Sniper Talk
    Hello people,I'm thinking on buying a sniper rifle,I love the l96 design so.. Here's my question,wich one is better? Tokyo marui l96 or Maruzen type96? (I will upgrade the one I get). Thanks,I'll wait for awnsers :P(sorry for the bad english)
  8. For Sale
    **Before everyone jumps on me for not having been here for the 3 months, I've been cleared by FuzzyWolly to make this sale as long as I had made an introduction post before hand *** Shipping from 22152 (VA)...
  9. For Sale
    3 month rule - PM a mod about selling earlier. Provide references.
  10. Maruzen Rifles
    Hey Everyone! After being on this great forum for a while, I have read pages and pages on how to make an airsoft sniper rifle the best it can be. I currently use a highly upgraded Echo 1 ASR as my primary, but using that gun as my base rifle has always left me feeling like I could use better...
  11. New Member Introductions & Tips
    Hi All ! Just registered and ready to read as much as possible (tips, tricks, good advise, etc) on this forum in order to finaly purchase the right (best :yup:) sniper rifle for myself. Been browsing for a few days in youtube now ... it's addicting ! For now two sniper rifles keep coming "back"...
  12. Maruzen Rifles
    Well im new to the sniper world and am learning as i go. I need help building the best L96 Maruzen spring rifle which i define as great distance and accuracy. I need help building the list of all the parts i need which i have an idea of what i need for the most part but would like experienced...
1-12 of 13 Results