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  1. General Sniper Talk
    I've been scouring for .40s ever since I got my rifle and I can't seem to find any in quantities over 500 with a consistent supply coming in, so I decided that the Matrix ones looked like they were worth a shot and sure as hell beat that 'Doge' brand my dealer gave me. What's the quality of...
  2. General Sniper Talk
    :shrug: I have been looking around for what parts are compatible to this gun. i believe i had found a hop up unit. here: Lancer Tactical 7075 CNC Hop Up Unit for A&K SVD Spring Sniper OEM By but it says the compatible barrels are aeg? yes? i have looked for a while for this gun but most searches...
  3. Others
    hello guys, I am new to the forum and decided I want to start playing airsoft, but do not know which rifle should I buy, I was thinking about getting the mb4411 well but I realized that if i need i could not change the handguard because it has a specific format to fit receiver.i thinked also in...
1-3 of 3 Results