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  1. The Most Scuffed MB04 Ever Built

    Well MB04. Came with an E&C upgrade kit installed stock. Painted by me in this horrible paintjob designed to make the world suffer. Replaced Spring with an Action Army m150. Novboi SSG96 inner and outer barrels, bucking and hopup unit installed. Barrel was too long for short inner barrel so...
  2. Type96
    The original plastic stock for the mb04 is rather cheap, easily bendable and squeaks. So, does anyone know if you can get an "upgraded" one?
  3. Type96
    Hi. I am wondering what upgrades are necessary to achieve better performance. I am currently struggling to find a precision barrel that fits, but I came across this one: It doesn't say it fits the MB04 but it does say it fits the 03/07/09/10, could it also...
  4. Type96
    Hey guys, After a lot of thought and decision making, i decided to buy the well mb04 type-96 instead of upgrading my mb03 vsr. I am very satisfied with this purchase! I upgraded my barrel to a tmadbull tightbore, picked up an action army hop-up and maple leaf bucking and tensioner nub. Also, i...
  5. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    I just got my new mb04 today and I bought one extra magazine because only one came with the gun. The mag that came with the gun worked perfectly but the extra one sticks in the mag well. The front part budges a little bit but the back stays in. Getting the mag out is hard because I have to stick...
  6. Others
    Hey guys, i have a Well MB04 and i would like to upgrade to this barrel, Masamune 6.01mm Extreme Precision Inner Barrel for MK96 ( 510mm ). Does anybody know if this will fit for sure? If you have suggestions on another good tightbore(6.03 or 6.01) barrel that will fit the Well MB04 stock hop...
1-6 of 6 Results