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  1. L96 Rifles
    Hello, Id like to upgrade my stock Well Mb05 to around 500fps shooting .36 or .4 bbs This is my first sniper upgrade and im unsure where to start and id like to know what youve all done previously. What i think ill need is : A New Barrel (500mm long x 6mm - 6.03mm from what ive heard) New...
  2. General Sniper Talk
    Hello, I have a matrix mb05 as well as a UTG l96, I took the 6.03 tight bore barrel out of the l96 and put it in the mb05. I also have a good metal trigger assembly on it and a spring/piston/spring guide upgrade kit (Airsoft Sniper Rifle Upgrade Kit for APS Type96 Shadow Op MB01 MB05 Snowwolf...
  3. General Sniper Talk
    So i wanted to Play as a AirsoftSniper ! First i made my ghillie suit everything is fine so far! Then i bought a CO2 Backup Gun - also Fine ! And after all that the Problems began as i bougt my Sniper Rifle ! A Mauser SR Pro Tactical (MB05)! The Problem is the Rifle has 1.8Joule with...
1-3 of 3 Results