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  1. Type96
    Hello, I recently upgraded my mb06 with the pps upgrade set (aluminium springguide, piston and new spring). I kept my old spring in because my field limit is 500fps and I didn't want to damage my trigger. But now when I cock the bolt, there are scraping marks on my cylinder where it passes...
  2. Project Guns
    Since the MB06 is a 100% airsoft rifle and not a replica of an existing gun I decided to give mine a Reel Steel-name: CPR 6mm - Compact Precision Rifle 6mm I got this idea a couple of weeks ago, to rebuild a bolt action rifle for my local indoor games. I knew some people had done it before so...
  3. Others
    Hey folks, like I said in my introduction, I recently came across airsoft sniping and bought the above mentioned (MB06), which I take, is a clone of the Echo1 ASR (or other way around). Anyway, I upgraded it with a kit, consisting of a steel cylinder, steel spring guide, hybrid piston and a...
1-3 of 3 Results