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  1. General Sniper Talk
    I'm looking to upgrade my trigger assembly for my MB08 (MB08 - BLACK [WELL TGG] - Sklep ASG but i'm not shure which trigger will fit my rifle. Looking for options and insight if anyone upgraded a MB08's trigger. Thanks!
  2. General Sniper Talk
    Hello! I have had my Well MB08 for over a year now and I feel like making some upgrades but even after snooping around this forum I still have a couple of unclear questions. 1)I plan on buying a Madbull 6.03 inner barrel, do I need an after market hopup chamber / bucking or will the stock...
  3. Others
    Hey guys, its been a while since I got an airsoft gun but I've decided I want an L96 type sniper rifle, that once upgraded will be magnificent. I looked into the more realistic guns with the correct mag placement but I feel that a type 96 rifle would work better for me. Now, the WELL MB08 has...
1-3 of 3 Results