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  1. AWS/AW338
    Hey guys, i'm looking to increase the effective range on my stock mb4411. It shoots around 450 fps out of the box with 0.20s. I've tried 0.25 and 0.40 bbs and while 0.25 gives slightly more range the 0.40 gives more reliable results and i really prefer the latter. I dont think the gun has...
  2. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    I had this rifle for testing for a sort time and did a full review of the stock rifle. I hope this helps and I hope you guys like it! Also please Subscribe to my channel it really helps! :cheers:
  3. AWS/AW338
    Before i ask my questions i do want to say that i know a VSR build is much more affordable and easier, but for some reason im an idiot and want a gun that looks cool. :P I'm trying to put together some cheap parts but at the same time be pretty decent. Im trying not to go the exspensive route...
  4. AWS/AW338
    was looking at these rifles evike, they have a good price however, apparently it is impossible to change the handguard in the future want to put a longer handguard and more rails (m4 / 16 style) such incompatibility bothers me:nuts:, anybody here have any one of these? they are replicas of some...
  5. Others
    hello guys, I am new to the forum and decided I want to start playing airsoft, but do not know which rifle should I buy, I was thinking about getting the mb4411 well but I realized that if i need i could not change the handguard because it has a specific format to fit receiver.i thinked also in...
1-5 of 5 Results