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  1. Type96
    Good day all TL,DR Tridos ssg96 airbrake fits MBO1 Well i have an old UTG l96 from 2009, needles to say the only thing left stock is the receiver. At this point, everything else has either been upgraded or replaced due to breaking. Ive always strived to make it dead quiet (silicone head mod...
  2. L96 Rifles
    Hi, Have my Well l96 mb01. Setup: AA Hop up ML Macaron 70 AP Cilynder AP red cilynder inners AP M180 spring (610fps with 0.2. Field limits 650fps) AP trigger Prometheus 509mm 6.03 barrel (Cylinder/Barrel ratio 2.23:1) Question:Is that barrel lenght for my setup is fine? Because i find...
  3. L96 Rifles
    Hey! i have owned a l96 mb01 for a year now and i have managed to fully upgrade it. I have upgraded basically all parts and im hitting enemy players every 1.2 shots, maximum range i have hit with single shot is 110m, but usually i dont go over 90m, which is basically maximum for that rifle List...
  4. Type96
    Hey guys,does anyone know where i can buy a cylinder (even a stock one) in europe or somewhere that i don't need to pay a lot for shipping? Thanks for your help in advance.
1-4 of 4 Results