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  1. Bolt Action
    My god doing this was annoying. Anyway, I'd like to share the way I did it. Preface Who doesn't love the M40 style rifle? The Wolverine Bolt is a pretty cool upgrade, but it has some inherent problems when installing in a Modelworks M40A5 stock. Mainly, the pistol grip of the stock is solid...
  2. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    My TM VSR 10 G-Spec M40A3 Modelworks Just want to share a bit about my new project. It's my second M40A3. But this time using Marui VSR and Modelworks stock (I used to have the vfc m40a3) Honestly compare the vfc one i prefer modelworks stock due to its more solid in my opinion and it has this...
  3. Gallery
    My TM VSR 10 G-Spec M40A3 Modelworks
1-3 of 3 Results