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  1. Longrange AEGs
    Hi guys, I just bought 2 DIY MOSFETs from a guy that knows his business, but surprisingly they don't work. He told me he checked them before shipping. They are plug-and-play ones, with Deans (T) connectors, something like the MERF ones. The thing is that without them, my airsoft guns work...
  2. Longrange AEGs
    Hello, people! I am calling to anyone who knows his electrical field. I participated in a national event and I had to abandon from the first day. The story is that when the rain caught me in a mission, my AUG started to fire on it's own, even with the safe on, and there was some smoke also...
  3. Longrange AEGs
    Hey guys! Currently I'm using an 11.1v 2000mah Matrix (yeah, yeah I know) LiPO battery. I'm also running a Gate Merf 3.2 Mosfet, wired to a V7 gearbox in advanced mode. So. Starting off, when I plugged the mosfet up to the battery and pulled the trigger, nothing happened, programming button...
  4. The Lounge
    Hello all! I am asking for your help. I would like to install a mosfet on an AUG A1. The problem is not that I don't know how to install it, because I've found enough drawings for AUG/P90, but what mosfet to choose for a trigger in 2 steps. In the descriptions from the websites, nobody says if...
  5. General Sniper Talk
    Okay so I may buy a Mosfet for my CYMA SVD afterall simply for the reason to make the contacts last longer. However I don't have the skill to make one but I would just like to buy one. I've seen the burst wizard, however I really don't need all of those features and wondering about other's setups.
  6. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Hey guys, this is a quick review i made of the mosfet picoAB from Gatee. Gatee is, i believe, a polish company, wich make electronics for airsoft, mosfets.. they are most known for the MERF mosfet, but they have other very interesting products, like this the picoAB. AB stands for Active...
  7. Longrange AEGs
    So I am needing to get a MOSFET. But I'm not sure where to buy them or which ones are good. And yes I have done some research. I would like to get a soft breaking one. So if you could link me to a website that sales them or have recommendations please let me know. Thanks
1-7 of 7 Results