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  1. General Sniper Talk
    I own a Tac 41 and I was looking into getting a maple leaf bucking with a concave inner surface for good accuracy with heavier bb's. (I'm new to snipers so correct me if I'm wrong about some stuff). I'm currently planning on putting in a new spring equivalent to an m160 and increasing my bb...
  2. VSR Rifles
    Hello, during dissasembling my vsr10 , I lost my hop up Nub :doh::doh: I am running a PDI Hop Up Chamber and i dont know which nub i can use as a fitting replacement... Thanks for any help!
  3. Type96
    Hi all, I've just got myself a Well MB0X L96 (Not entirely sure which version), last game day with it was really fun but I've found it to be inaccurate at longer ranges. I've done a load of research into different hopups, I've settled on the Airlab Air-hop or just some silicon hose stuff, but...
  4. L96 Rifles
    Hey everyone, long story short, I'm hoping my stock hop up chamber in my L96 (including attempted R-hop and stock bucking) are the causes of inaccuracy and I am finally going to replace it. My gun is incredibly inconsistent (even compared to its stock form) and the only thing stock left on the...
  5. VSR Rifles
    Mates, i always read the forum and now i have a question. I ordered an AA Hopup Chamber, a Maple Leaf Decepticons Bucking 70 degree and a 6.03 AA 430mm barrel to drop in my TM VSR. However, i didnt order the ML concave nub (which seems like the most common combo) and i cant buy it separately...
  6. Type96
    I have a wonderful Type 96 that I love dearly. Sadly, I needed a replacement hop up bar because I screwed up my original when I was disassembling my sniper. I read that UTG was made by Leapers and that they had wonderful costumer service. I 100% agree with that! It is the best costumer service I...
  7. General Sniper Talk
    I'm making my own nubs outta PVC I could use some feed back. This is my first Flat Nub Performance compared to stock nub: N/a ATM This is my first V-Nub performance compared to stock nub: N/a ATM
  8. Others
    I have a heavily upgraded utg l96, the only part that is fairly crappy is in the cylinder, I have the cheap upgrade kit by utg. I have a metal triggerbox and reinforced heat treated sears from airsoft gi, but when I pull the bolt back, sometimes it will catch, but alot of times it wont catch, or...
1-8 of 8 Results