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  1. Others
    So recently I got my Bar10 set up with an R-hop, after a few weeks, It started shooting over-hopped even when I've set the hop zero. someone told me that it is hooking and I have to tdc it but i kind of want to make the gun as clean as I can and still use the knob on the side. can anyone tell me...
  2. VSR Rifles
    Hi guys, this is my first post here aside from my introduction post however this place is wealth of knowledge and I hope you guys can help me out! So, I have a JG bar and this is my first sniper build I'm really comfortable with working on AEG's but this is a new thing for me. I have...
  3. General Sniper Talk
    I have a PDI hop up chamber with PDI w-bucking and I really want to flat hop my gun. But I'm not sure how good it will work with the PDI double hop up arm? Right now it overhop a lot even if I have it on the lowest setting and I think that a flat hop will solve that. Please help :bow:
1-3 of 3 Results