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  1. Wanted
    WTB a replacement King Arms Blaser r93 bolt handle
    $20 USD
  2. Others
    I've been trying to get rid of a Blaser for like a month now, and I'm starting to want to hang on to it and make it a project gun. Question is: what parts do I need to make it compete with other rifles? Normally, if it was a more common platform, this wouldn't be a problem. But because it's such...
  3. General Sniper Talk
    Hello friends, I have a quick question that is pretty simple, should I buy (and upgrade) the G&G GR25 or should I wait a little bit for the King Arms gas R93 to come out? P.S. Have any of you heard any news (Release date, price, ETC.) on the R93
1-4 of 4 Results