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  1. For Sale
    Hello all, I have 2 of my DMR's up for sale, I have put a lot of work into both of these and they are great rifles, I hate to see them go, but I don't for see myself playing as much with them and I could use the funds for some other stuff. First is my Real Sword SVD, Here is whats all done to...
  2. General Sniper Talk
    I have been emailing back and forth with Polarstar and one of their representatives mentioned something very interesting. I don't know if anyone knew this, and please correct me if you did, but he said the intend to make SVD polarstar kits. I assume by "kits" he ment for more than just the Real...
  3. Longrange AEGs
    Hi guy's, I want to ask if are there people who was be interested in POLYMER SET for Real Sword or CYMA SVD AEG. I am working on it last few weeks and thinking about reproducing it. It is completely 3D modeled by me, so it's no remake of the real one but it's very close to it.
  4. For Sale
    WTS VFC Ak74U Serial# *91 060222 V3 P* SRC Armament Suppressor Samson Mfg replica rails ( S is scratched out from customs ) Guntech USA mount 551 replica AK foregrip PEQ 15 w/mini JST lipo 1 flash mag Will Include the metal flash hider and wood furniture. 850 + PP fees Real Sword SVD P*...
1-4 of 4 Results