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  1. Bolt Action
    I'm currently waiting on the components of an SDiK'd SRS-A1. Ordered are the gun, the FAST hop-up unit, the G-Spec barrel assembly, a suppressor, an SDiK, and a Faceless Sniper FOW and bucking. The barrel (lapped and R-hopped PDI) will be ordered soon. The only thing I don't have yet is a...
  2. Semi-Auto
    i am aware that this isnt the most important piece to an HPA set up but i cant find to many options on this part. it seems that the Redline regulator is that most popular option but it is also very pricey running at like $145. Any comments or other suggestions?
  3. Bolt Action
    Hey all, So I just recently picked up a JG Bar-10 and seeing as I have a Ninja 50/4500 tank already, I figured going the Mancraft route would be a good idea. I've done a good amount of reading on here and the VSR Facebook group and I think I very nearly have a grasp on everything but I wanted...
  4. Tanaka Rifles
    Hi guys, this is my new project - M700 AICS Tanaka with CO2 rig and some upgrade. This thread could be useful for those who want to make their own co2 rig. Base: M700 AICS Tanaka without fps regulation Original upgrade parts: G&G striker spring G&G sealing Some new springs inside mag G&G...
1-4 of 4 Results