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  1. VSR Rifles
    Hello, I have a well mb03 and I'm trying to put a steel cylinder and spring guide in it. I have an upgraded 45 degree sear kit and the piston is for a 45 degree sear. I've used multiple springs and everytime I pull the bolt, it catches but won't rack forward without extreme force, it won't...
  2. VSR Rifles
    Hi everyone, So I just build my first VSR-10 and managed to figure out most of the problems on my own, but with this one I'm just clueless. To start with the parts I used: SCW Piston SCW Spring Guide 9mm Maple Leaf Zero Trigger AA Teflon Cylinder+Head And when it comes to springs i don't...
  3. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hi guys, I have this doubt, the sear for hi capa and 1911's are slighty different in shape, that influence on something in the function if I want to use the 1911 sear on the hi capa? Im asking this cuz I found that some hi capa sears has this rounded shape and some other more square
  4. Silverback
    Hey guys! I recently got an SRS Silverback, but with the 500 FPS spring it has installed, its a PAIN to pull back all the way to chamber a round (pull bolt). What's the most difficult for me has been the last centimeter or two of pull right before the bolt locks out and goes smooth. Someone...
  5. For Sale
    Hello. I have some parts for my VSR10 that have been replaced, and I don't need anymore. I have a new, in the box (I actually had the part exchanged for a new one, because it was defective when I bought it. The new one never got used) Angel Customs SP170 Tune Up Kit. Here is a link to where...
  6. General Sniper Talk
    I decided to upgrade my sears, I didn't have problem with the first sear but i am having a great amount of difficulty with the second. Please help this noob out! :nuts: Pictures would help tremendously, and I hope this thread can help other people in the problem.
  7. VSR Rifles
    Hi. I've got a Bar-10 Vsr-10 clone and whenever I pull the bolt back the piston sear sort of catches the piston, you can hear and feel a click but as soon as you let go the bolt slams back forward. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Inside my gun I currently have a Action Army piston, a...
1-7 of 7 Results