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  1. L96 Rifles
    I just picked up a new sniper and i do not know what if it is the same gun as the mk96 by utg? i have the utg shadow ops, but is the actual name the mk96?????
  2. Others
    Hello all, I have had a UTG Mk96 shadow ops sniper rifle for about 6 months now, but it was only operational for 2. My trigger box broke early on, and I recently bought a new one (full metal, but for well MB01). It said it was compatible with the UTG on the website so I bought it, along with...
  3. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    I just got my new mb04 today and I bought one extra magazine because only one came with the gun. The mag that came with the gun worked perfectly but the extra one sticks in the mag well. The front part budges a little bit but the back stays in. Getting the mag out is hard because I have to stick...
1-3 of 3 Results