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  1. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hello Airsoft Snipers! I actually have a question of my own that I was wondering when it comes to fully-automatic secondaries: which is better, sub machine guns, or automatic pistols. I have my eye on a few guns, an MP9 SMG, and I've seen full-auto pistols so I'm just wondering which you all...
  2. The Lounge
    I’ve talked about it. I’m finally doing it, and I’ve been whoring out this pic of my new project!! What buckings and barrels do you run in your smgs? How do you carry/sling them if you run as a side arm?? After being stubborn on a pistol for a long time; I decided to try something new...
  3. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Is the p90 by CYMA/SoftAir any good as a smg sidearm? I will likely be using it for cqb as well.. I know one of the users here uses it as a sidearm, so I would like to hear their opinion on it. ~Woody
1-3 of 3 Results