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  1. General Sniper Talk
    Hi. What are the consequences of fps adjuster rings? Are they advisable for settled springs? Also what are their alternatives at the hardware store? Thanks!
  2. General Sniper Talk
    I know… classic VSR10 right curve. I’ve read 40 million posts about VSR10’s inherently having the “right curve curse”. Well I just recently purchased a Maple Leaf MLC338 Deluxe Edition. It shoots amazing and I was reaching out to targets at 200 feet no problem. Well today i threw in a 170 SP...
  3. VSR Rifles
    So I put in a action army hop up chamber in with a barrel to match. Now I had a m150 action army spring that shot too hot for my field. Field requirements-400fps for a 30g. bb 2.3joules. So I trimmed off about 4 coils off now, and it has an insane down to the right curve. Is it too much power...
  4. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Hi all, i was very kindly sent springer custom works' new piston and spring guide to review and after playing at Alpha 55s summer social weekend here's what i had to say. First impressions - The piston and spring guide look stunning, a real piece of art. They look really well made. Features -...
  5. VSR Rifles
    So I just got my JG VSR/BAR 10 in the mail from evike today. I opened the box, put the rail and scope on, took it outside and shot around 50 bullets and then it got locked up and I couldn't cock it anymore. Took it apart and when I got to the spring guide it wouldn't come i skipped that...
  6. VSR Rifles
    Hey everyone, I'm brand new to this page and my name is Mike! I recently just got back into airsoft through a few friends and am loving it. I just bought a JG Bar 10 G-Spec a couple weeks ago and have done the following mods: 6.03 inner barrel Angel Customs Piston Action army M170 spring Angel...
1-6 of 6 Results