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  1. Silverback
    Hey again. I'm deciding to wait on the tac 41 until it actually shows the beat down on a built up ssg. But I'm hoping to order the srs next week. A few of you saw my ssg discussion about fps and bb weight limitations. I now have access to run what I want for bbs at a cap of 425 fps with that bb...
  2. Silverback
    Remotely happy with my build so far just wanted to post my build and see if there is anything I can do to increase the range or if where I'm at is in the zone... Build SRS Gen 3 Sport 20" TnT inner barrel Tnt Fast hop Silverback 60 degree plat hop bucking with sanded nub Silverback air break...
  3. Silverback
    Greetings, I'm in full tweek mode with my 22" SRS Gen 3 build and I would be very great full for any feed back and tips to dial this in... First my field rules and limits for the build as follows: Using .2g bio bb's FPS 480 Joule Max 2.3J Current Build Silverback M160 Spring Silverback...
1-3 of 3 Results