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  1. Novritsch Platforms
    Hello guys, i tried searching the forum but did not find similar problem. So i have the SSG10 and upgraded it with Rapax 3 spring, TDC pro and X-range 70d bucking. Yesterday on the chrono it showed 3.8, 3.9J, 400+fps Friend has the same gun, same upgrades done the same day, and it shows...
  2. General Sniper Talk
    Hello everyone, i have a huge issue with my ssg 10 a1 that is driving me crazy, that being, it pulls left. The main parts that i am using: Barrel: Poseidon 450mm 6.05 diameter Bucking: autobot mapleleaf 80* TDC 2.0 using the flat nub Standard hop chamber 180m spring - 162m/s (185m/s with the...
  3. Novritsch Platforms
    Just purchased an Airsoft Philosopher Hopup Chamber with the TDC wheel. I think it’s a GEN 1. I have not received the unit itself yet but my question is will it work with an ssg-10a1 inner barrel & bucking. I think the bucking is a ML 60° AutoBot.
  4. VSR Rifles
    I've got a perfect airseal and my hop is adjusted for .46g but I still find my fps jumping around by like 10-15 higher or lower with an average sitting at 2.25j but at times it can jump to 2.34j which is over the limit. I was wondering if springs can affect fps? My cylinder is only lightly oiled...
  5. General Sniper Talk
    Hello there. I have just joined you, but I am a very old reader. I had memorized this forum before I got into this sweet trouble. Now, I would like to get rid of the old topics and ask you a question again. I have SSG10-A1. I'm going to wear an m170 spring for this girl. How many grams of bb...
  6. General Sniper Talk
    Hey guys! I've been getting back into sniping lately and I put together this video of my most recent sniper build. What would you recommend for a great starter platform? I'm looking to build a silverback srs soon. The SSG-10 does have a great trigger IMO and a great air seal. The only thing...
1-6 of 6 Results