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  1. Novritsch Platforms
    Hello guys, Does anyone have the measure of the orange guide rings for ssg24 because that delivery is so expensive for me i don't want to give 20£ for delivery.If someone have the 3D printer file it will be the best. Thanks!
  2. Novritsch Platforms
    Good Evening Gents , Can someone be so kind to take some measurements of there pistons OD at guide rings, sear and the inner dia of the cylinder and length? Much appreciated !! Dan
  3. General Sniper Talk
    I am semi new to airsoft (around 2 years playing) and I've been looking at either buying the SSG24 or the Silverback SRS. I am having trouble deciding which is better and am looking for advice on which one to go for. SSG24 Pros: It can shoot pretty far and is accurate out of the box. It is...
  4. Novritsch Platforms
    Hello I have experienced an issue while playing with the SSG24. When I load the chamber and pull the bolt, for some reason the safety jumps on. If anybody has had this problem and solved, I would love to know. Thanks in advance.
  5. Wanted
    Yup ! fanboi alert. Well actully I am a returning airsoft player, and I have always had focus on high rof and CQB gameplay (Speedballer) - However now that I am old(er) I like that playstyle of the sniper and I have played earlier with both HPA & AEG experience. Long story short, the ideal...
1-5 of 5 Results