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  1. General Sniper Talk
    I have recently run into the CQB Russian HPA valve and was wondering if it works with the KJW M700 Magazines. It almost looks like if you use the " Steel CNC Triple Airsoft GBB Gas Valve Key Tool" you could remove the fill valve on the magazine and replace them with 1 of the 3 CQB...
  2. Tanaka Rifles
    Hello everyone. I occasionally play at a field that has an FPS limit substantially lower than most of the other fields in my area. Therefore, I became interested in the PCS bolt concept. Unfortunately, my Tanaka is a post-ban, with a non-PCS bolt installed. I therefore began research about...
  3. Others
    Hi everyone, my current project for my ASR is to cut down the barrel approximately 6 inches so it can use a 300mm inner barrel / re-thread the outer so the end cap will screw on properly. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that might know the correct tap to thread the outer barrel...
1-3 of 3 Results