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  1. VSR Rifles
    I have lately been searching a bit on everywhere looking for if I could find my answer. I'm basicaly wondering if the pdi 554mm 6.01 TBB will fit the stock TM chamber? Also, what's the big difference on the 554mm 6.01 TBB and the 554mm 6.01 TBB 10mm? I've heard it got something to do with...
  2. Others
    I want a PDI 6.04 MM tbb for my Well L96 awp. I am definatly getting a PDI hop-up chamber, Madbull blue bucking, and THIS PDI barrel (if it will fit). MY question is, is that it says "for use with factory chamber". Will that PDI barrel fit into the PDI chamber?
  3. Others
    Hey everyone... I have been working on upgrades for my Echo 1 ASR and I needed some opinions. I need to get rid of the stock Inner Barrel (And Hop) and I have always thought I'd get a MadBull TBB... but after doing time researching, I have noticed that people are really taking a liking to the...
1-3 of 3 Results