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  1. Concealment
    So I am building my first ghillie ive purchased the items and they are being shipped to me. I bought MFH Boonie (ATACS-FG) MFH Commando Smock (ATACS-FG) MFH ACU Trousers (ATACS-FG) 600D Poly Cordura (ATACS-FG) Concealment Mesh (ATACS-FG) Ive asked around work and called some tailor shops but...
  2. New Member Introductions & Tips
    Hello all, this is one of my first posts and, I would love to introduce myself. I'm 12 years old and not a CODsofter!! My Name Is Ian. Pronounced E-N I live in West Virginia I love games like Arma and I yet to have a sniper I have been saving up and I'm looking for tips from you guys on how...
  3. Concealment
    This is the ghillie: I've got elastic hair bands in the netting to help attatch veg: This is the environment I usually play in between fall and early spring as long as there is no snow: And the same field during the late spring through late summer: Any tips for me? Thanks in advance!
1-3 of 3 Results