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  1. Type96
    Good day all TL,DR Tridos ssg96 airbrake fits MBO1 Well i have an old UTG l96 from 2009, needles to say the only thing left stock is the receiver. At this point, everything else has either been upgraded or replaced due to breaking. Ive always strived to make it dead quiet (silicone head mod...
  2. Type96
    Hey guys, I haven't purchased my rifle yet, and to be honest, i still hesitate between the BAR-10 and the WELL MB01C. I am new to BASRs and this is my rather low budget WELL MB01C upgrade theorycrafting list. Action army Hop up Chamber...
  3. Maruzen Rifles
    Hey guys, I'd like to know what kind of experiences you've had with the upgrades fro Action Army on APS2 guns, namely the UTG Type 96. I could use feedback on everything in the cylinder (piston, springs, guides, cylinder) pretty much. I bought a stock UTG Type 96 and I keep seeing Action Army...
1-3 of 4 Results