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  1. VSR Rifles
    So my cqb boltie is now almost finished! With big thanks to Thirteen Gunworks, EdGI Custom Works, Taring Carving, Double Tap Designs and Springer Custom Works Internally sporting the following parts: custom edgi 170mm 5.98 barrel Action army hop Aip bucking Pdi palsonite cylinder Edgi...
  2. Gallery
    Hello all, somebody wanted me to post a picture of my M40A3 up here. It has a real McMillan tactical A4 stock, all pdi except for the spring, spring guide, barrel, and rail. the scope is a KA 3.5-9x40 M3, and the trigger is a noobies M-trigger. I am wanting to convert this to an A5, and as you...
1-2 of 2 Results