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  1. VSR Rifles
    Hi everyone, im planning to get a jg gspec since i've seen a good offer on a site. I'm planning to replace the cylinder, hop up chamber, piston, trigger etc... but i want to know if is it possible to use a 430mm inner barrel, since I already have a mapleleaf crazy jet, and i dont want to get a...
  2. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hi!, i wanna know which blowback housing is more durable for my glock 17, mine glock has the zero hammer design and i really don't know if that design can wear or damage the bbu in the rear part, (that gap where the hammer rest) i search for some BBU upgrades and i found this brands: guarder...
  3. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    I'm in the doubt of which O.B. is better for a metal (pot or aluminum slide), I do not remember if I read it or if I saw it in a video where it mentions that the O.B. made of steel can damage or "eat" the slide being softer metal, then should I buy an O.B. made of aluminum? Here I have some...
  4. Longrange AEGs
    i am looking for a few upgrades on my A&K SVD AEG, can someone please provide a list of stock internal parts as mine did not come with a user manual, and a list of compatible parts for upgrading. Thanks in advance for any and all info provided.
  5. VSR Rifles
    Hi, so I'm new to the sniper sneaky stuff. I decided to change from aeg (ASR 115) after it died and got feed up with all its problems. Maybe a project Lazarus for that m4 as a DMR. Anyway now I want to go for a vsr build. I plan to take a bar 10 because there is no point in taking TM VSR 10...
  6. General Sniper Talk
    I'm planning on purchasing another rifle which is a A&K Winchester rifle, is it possible to convert it to a spring type rather than have it on gas?
  7. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Hi guys, im in the proyect to make a steel cylinder for my e1m28 since there's no steel cylinder out there!, but the steel tube has a seam inside. Do you think that seam will be a problem to the piston seal?
  8. VSR Rifles
    Is it apsolutely necessary for me to upgrade my cylinder on my bar 10 as they are quite pricey. Is it ok to leave it stock or do i have to upgrade the cylinder head or the whole cylinder and head? I'm currently shooting at 490 fps. If it is mandatory, please say a good, but budget friendly...
  9. VSR Rifles
    So this is the setup I'm running at the moment, please comment on any improvements that I could make or anything wrong. Cheers. Gun: Bar 10 Mods: Crazy Jet 6.04 or Action Army 6.03 inner barrel (advice on which one please) Maple leaf 60* autobot bucking Maple leaf omega nub Action army...
  10. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Hi!, i think to buy the new echo1 m28 kit, it's made of aluminum: the piston and the spring guide, but is in 45 degrees, you believe that if I modify the piston in a lathe to a 90 degree, it works well? Or will I just ruin it? Or it has to be a steel 90 degree end piston?
  11. Others
    Hi friends! some time ago I bought a laylax barrel 6.03, to improve my m28, which has a stock gun 6.05 that gave me good results of grouping with the PDI W bucking, after changing the barrel for one laylax along with a rubber maple leaf decepticon, the results .... they were not so great in the...
  12. Others
    Hi my companions!, I know you maybe are bored with the same questions: do you know for any echo1 m28 upgrades!? It will fit con the echo1 m28? Echo1 m28? M28? M twenty eiiiiggght???????>:( agggrr!!!, but.... any ways! I really like the m28 even with aaall imperfections, i think is a...
  13. Others
    Hi!, for those who owns a m28 , echo 1 USA come out with this upgrade made of metal.
  14. VSR Rifles
    VSR-R One Piece Receiver Fits and work perfect, TDC mod is installed. Next step paintjob pictures on my fb page stay tuned for more
  15. Longrange AEGs
    Hi guys, I would like to ask your help to find the problem in my G&G GR25 that does not have enough range. The stock barrel had a hard scratch so had to be replaced. In the meantime also wanted to tune up to our field limits: 500FPS (0.2g) So changed the spring and the barrel only: Had a...
  16. Type96
    Hey guys, I haven't purchased my rifle yet, and to be honest, i still hesitate between the BAR-10 and the WELL MB01C. I am new to BASRs and this is my rather low budget WELL MB01C upgrade theorycrafting list. Action army Hop up Chamber...
  17. VSR Rifles
    Hi guys, check this out: Drop-in TDC kit for VSR platform. Easiest way to get a TDC in 2 simple steps. 1.) Drill 2.5mm hole to outer barrel acording guiding block (no meassuring needed) 2.) Drop in the TDC kit to hopup chaber instead of stock lever. It is designed for stock hopup chamber and...
  18. General Sniper Talk
    Hello, Any tips on upgrading an AEG to a DMR? A budget of about £200... What would you recommend? Thanks
  19. L96 Rifles
    Hey! i have owned a l96 mb01 for a year now and i have managed to fully upgrade it. I have upgraded basically all parts and im hitting enemy players every 1.2 shots, maximum range i have hit with single shot is 110m, but usually i dont go over 90m, which is basically maximum for that rifle List...
  20. Type96
    Hi guys, does anyone know where I can find a guid for converting my well mb-01 to left handed? Cheers
21-40 of 120 Results