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  1. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    I just wanted to spread the word about this site. I ordered a 45 degree front grip (whatever they are called) and a rail set for around 30 bucks with free shipping. The grip came in a box with magpul written on it(it was unbranded on the website)! Those things are expensive and i got it for like...
  2. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Hey everyone, I am currently trying to stabilize my project rifles long range grouping as much as possible. I use an Ares CNC AW338, its been HPA converted and equipped with a real steel stock. I can send rounds with a flat trajectory to the 300ft mark but my grouping could be better. I have all...
  3. General Sniper Talk
    So after doing a lot of research on LRBs I have come up with a simple and effective way to do it. This way that I have done it is a combination of many different ways that i have seen and read people doing. In order to do this mod your inner barrel will have to stick our past the outer barrel...
  4. Longrange AEGs
    so I'm having some terrible performance out of my gun and was hoping I could get some tips and help on why it's shooting this bad. Its shots a very random and all over the place. It was shooting better before I installed the prommy barrel and new r-hop patch. I sanded the patch with 600 grit and...
  5. Others
    Hi, I bought an m24 along with the echo 1 asr upgrade kit. I was told it was the same as the UTG upgrade kit which was APS2 compatible. I swapped the stock parts for the new and encountered a problem. The gun starts to slam fire, I suspect because the trigger sear is not engaging the piston...
  6. VSR Rifles
    Hi guys im currently upgrading my TM VSR10 G-Spec i have installed a 125 spring but im really lacking on range and accuracy and when im adjusting the hop it doesnt seem to change much any help would be much appreciated :)
  7. General Sniper Talk
    I decided to upgrade my sears, I didn't have problem with the first sear but i am having a great amount of difficulty with the second. Please help this noob out! :nuts: Pictures would help tremendously, and I hope this thread can help other people in the problem.
  8. General Sniper Talk
    So i was over analyzing the R-hop when i noticed that when it is pressed down it is more flat and not very concave. So i came up with this idea, has anybody tried taking an R-hop patch and slimming it down along the sides to where it is not very wide but still concave and then gluing it to the...
  9. General Sniper Talk
    So as i was youtubing i came across this: This seems really cool, and i would love to have my SW M82 converted to CO2 instead of electric. But i would want it semi-auto. Does anybody make this(manufacture or homemade) or know of a way i could make one and have it shoot consistently around 500 fps?
  10. Longrange AEGs
    So I have a m160 spring right now. I haven't got to chrono or play with it yet. But I was thinking of going down to a m150. What is everybody's thoughts on a m150 spring? It will be semi only. Or should I go down to a m140 and not loose any or very very little effective range? Or should I stay...
  11. Longrange AEGs
    When I plug in my battery to the gun it starts shooting before the trigger is even pulled. I put the fire selector mode on safety and it still does it. What's the deal? I am using.. Battery 11.1v 2100 20C MOSFET...
  12. Longrange AEGs
    So I opened up my gearbox to do a few mods and upgrades and saw this.(look at pic) So does this mean I don't need to do the AOE mod because the teeth are touching as much as they possibly can. And the piston is pushed in all the way
  13. Longrange AEGs
    So I am possibly going to get the snow wolf m82 and i have picked out a bunch of parts and would like to have yall confirm that the parts will work right or give me advice on better parts. My goal is to get 550 fps with .2 1. Motor
  14. General Sniper Talk
    So I am considering getting the snow wolf m82 and was wondering what upgrades work for this gun. Would it be possible to get it to shoot up to 300 feet?
  15. Others
    Hey guys, i have a Well MB04 and i would like to upgrade to this barrel, Masamune 6.01mm Extreme Precision Inner Barrel for MK96 ( 510mm ). Does anybody know if this will fit for sure? If you have suggestions on another good tightbore(6.03 or 6.01) barrel that will fit the Well MB04 stock hop...
  16. General Sniper Talk
    Hi, i've been trying to upgrade my Double Eagle M57A L96 (Which seems to be a clone of The WELL MK96 which is a clone of the UTG MK96) have primarily wanted a new barrel, hop up and then spacers. For the barrel and hop up i am planning on buying: Madbull Black Python Version II 6.03mm Tight...
  17. General Sniper Talk
    What is the Double Eagle M57A L96A1? - - Design? - Original Producer - Internals? - Upgrade compatibility (<--- That one especially) - Same as UTG, Well, Type96? I have no clue. Any help would be much appreciated
  18. General Sniper Talk
    Hi, I own a Double-Eagle M57 L96, which seems to be a clone or very similar to the Well l96, which again is a copy of the UTG MK96. (Source - Anyway I am beginning to upgrade my gun and am planning on starting with a tightbore barrel...
  19. Others
    Hello Guys. First of all, I'm from Brazil so, english ain't my native language, therefore, you must forgive some mistake I may make. Well, that said, I've just bought a Cybergun L96 AWS. Ya, ya, ya.... I know it ain't the "real deal" but still is a nice piece of weapon. Let's cut to the...
  20. General Sniper Talk
    I was looking to really push the performance of my echo 1 asr.. i already got my 6.01 tightbore and bucking, but i am looking for a little more. Instead of buying an upgrade kit, i looked into getting the sp190 spring and new trigger sears, both made by angel custom. Is this a good idea?
101-120 of 120 Results