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  1. For Sale
    The gun is in great condition and has only been skirmished twice. I originally had a Prometheus Inner Barrel inside but I want to keep that so the gun will come supplied with the stock Toyko Mauri Barrel. The gun has also been resprayed but this was done properly, sanding back the stock...
  2. VSR Rifles
    Hi, i don't know the name of this vsr part, but anyone knows if there's a metal upgrade for this?. Link please
  3. VSR Rifles
    I was looking on a forum and came across this vsr 10 - PDI V-Trigger PDI Precision Steel Cylinder PDI Precision Cylinder Head PDI Precision 90' Comp Piston PDI 260 8mm Spring ASPUK 7mm Steel Spring Guide PDI steel Spring guide the price tag is £360 do you think the gun is worth the money as...
  4. Non-Sniper For Sale
    Rules 1. Paypal only 2. CONUS shipping only 3. Sold as package deal unless we can work something out For Sale - G&P Upgraded M4 Upgraded Internals - SHS Blue Piston - 70D Sorbo - Lonex Steel Spring Guide with Ball Bearings - Lonex POM Piston Head (Ball Bearing Removed) - M100 Spring (believed...
  5. Type96
    Hey guys, After a lot of thought and decision making, i decided to buy the well mb04 type-96 instead of upgrading my mb03 vsr. I am very satisfied with this purchase! I upgraded my barrel to a tmadbull tightbore, picked up an action army hop-up and maple leaf bucking and tensioner nub. Also, i...
  6. For Sale
    I am in no rush to sell, and I don't necessarily want to, but anything is for sale at the right price. This is my TSD-SD96B (L96) rifle that has been entirely upgraded. All upgrades were installed myself, the rifle is truly a beast. It has been years since I have been into airsoft, so please...
  7. For Sale
    Images, more upon request... Tokyo Marui CUSTOM M40A2 (VSR-10) - Imgur This is a custom Tokyo Marui VSR-10 that has a genuine Bell & Carlson M40A2 stock that was modified to fit the VSR-10 system. It has been fully upgraded internally with everything except a teflon cylinder. The upgrades...
  8. For Sale
    3 month rule - PM a mod about selling earlier. Provide references.
  9. For Sale
    SOLD Please delete
  10. Project Guns
    Hey everyone, just thought I would show my Echo 1 ASR. I have had this gun for around 6 months now and it has been through a lot. I almost have it the way I want it to shoot, just a couple more upgrades and it will be complete. :yup: So far here are the upgrades... External: Leapers 3-9X50...
1-11 of 11 Results