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  1. Sniper Cam
    UPDATED 01/29/2022 with Vsr-10 Cylinder Guide Sleeve DIY Version 2 Hey there! This thread for a few DIY videos that I have made. Links don't always work on here so the video guides can be found at: in the DIY/Tutorials section!! Feel free to post up some of your video...
  2. VSR Rifles
    Hi guys, I've been playing airsoft for years but only as an assaulter, I'm new to spring rifle. I have just bought SDIK for my JG Bar 10. I have browsed different thread but not sure what barrel should I get. Since everyone saying AA hopup chamber is a must I will get one of those. I heard that...
  3. Others
    I was reading up on KJW M700's and ive seen and been told that VSR inner barrels will work with it. I have no previous experience with VSRs in general, and was wondering if this barrel would work as an upgraded barrel to the stock one. Thanks a bunch guys! Laylax PSS10 555mm 6.03 Precision...
1-3 of 3 Results