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  1. General Sniper Talk
    Hey! Thanks for tuning in. So as the title says.. I need y'all to lay down some knowledge on Hop Up Chambers. Currently I'm running a vsr10 (ssg10, i know I know, not the greatest) and I'm slowly changing the internals. So far I've changed barrel, hop up bucking, piston, spring guide, spring...
  2. VSR Rifles
    Hi guys, i bought a Tokyo Marui vsr10 gspec 2 years ago, and i stupidly broke the Bucking letting it tight, a friend of mine told me to change it.. So, as you guys can think, I have to buy a new one .. In my research I could find that the Laylax Bucking is actually a good one, Does it fits...
1-2 of 2 Results