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  1. General Sniper Talk
    Hello guys, i am building a jg bar10 gspec and wanted some help with the upgrades. I have: •Action army hop up chamber •Autobot 70° •Laylax 6.03 inner And i´m buying:
  2. For Sale
    Hello everyone, just updated this thread yet again with some small bits up for grabs. Please take a look! Message me with any picture requests, questions, or to negotiate!! 🍻 Attachment bundle-$100 Luth MBA-5 ar stock Vector Optics Maverick red dot Magpul vertical picatinny grip Vsr-10...
  3. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Hi! Mike from TRIDOS.DESIGN here! I'm super proud to say that we've finally released the TDC 2.0 for the popular VSR10 Action Army chamber alongside the existing versions for SSG10 and SSG24. We've put a ton of effort in this design and while this is a very subjective opinion - I truly believe...
  4. For Sale
    Bought this VSR10 from Airsoft Atlanta to play airsoft with my son. Had a few good games in and unfortunately need to sell. Learned I had eye cancer and had right eye removed. Need to protect the remaining eye as best I can and unfortunately that means giving up airsoft. This VSR10 is built...
  5. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Has anyone here used the latest Gunsmithy TDC in a VSR10 with an Action Army Hopup chamber? I am in the process of installing it, drilled the barrel got the turret in place etc, but want to ensure that I set up the chamber correctly. I have watched the installation video for the stock...
  6. VSR Rifles
    I’ve been hesitant to get a sniper for awhile now but I’m looking to pull the trigger on the idea of it in about May. I looked at fuzzywolfy’s guide to your VSR 10 and I’m wanting to do a large purchase of upgrades and drop them in all at once. So please leave your input and tell me what to...
  7. General Sniper Talk
    I got my JgBar10 resealed by a gunsmith last week, and he found out after resealing my cylinder that the airleak was coming from the hop, so what he did was he replace my old hop with a new one (non branded) and he said to me that the hop bucking? (the metal sealer for hop) would not fit the hop...
  8. General Sniper Talk
    Hey guys, any hop up recommendation for Bar10? Got offered with a maple leaf and an action army, what do you think guys?
  9. VSR Rifles
    Ok guys I got a WELL VSR 10 that I need to repair the stock on. Paid $75 for the mystery box and got a pistol and this rifle. I was thinking about JB Weld or some kind of Epoxy. \ Any suggestions or recommendations?
  10. General Sniper Talk
    Hey guys, can you suggest a good, out of the box VSR10, bolt action sniper which can perform out of the box and is budget friendly?
  11. VSR Rifles
    Hi All, Firstly, member here. Been airsofting over 10 years but only just recently made the transition over to sniper. My question is, is the stock TM cylinder capable of functioning correctly with an upgraded m150 spring, upgraded 90 degree piston and spring guide? I already...
  12. VSR Rifles
    So im going to try to explain this the best i can... basically i have a action army cylinder and an orange action army piston. however, the air seal is really poor which I belive is really effecting my consistancy. (from holding my thumb over the cylinder head and shooting). Im 99% sure its to...
  13. VSR Rifles
    So I purchased one of these last week: I am fairly new to Airsoft and sniping in general. I plan on upgrading this gun for the future. On the store page it claims "The heart of this rifle still runs off the reliable VSR-10 Tokyo Marui system allowing it...
  14. VSR Rifles
    So I have a Bar10 Gspec 550fps with full Edgi Kit with a customize hop arm and a 9ball hop rubber with stock hop chamber and a TDC mod. Im not really satisfied with my hop assembly because my bbs are not precise. I just want to ask if a maple leaf hop rubber and maple leaf hop arm can fit to...
  15. VSR Rifles
    So, what happend if i choose the stock chamber insted of any upgrade hopup chamber? Why is so important this parte, what kind of improvements has and how bad could be the stock hopup chamber, can i improve the i stock to?
  16. VSR Rifles
    Hi, any of you have experience or knowledge of this vsr10 barrel?: Sealairsoft this will be a good purchase?. This web could be a good site?
  17. VSR Rifles
    Hi, I am looking to get a AA Z-trigger for my TM G-Spec and from what I have read and seen you have to make remove some of the plastic from the trigger guard to make it fit. Is this the case with the LayLax Z-Trigger and the Springer Customs? Also a side question I am looking at basically...
  18. Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for a VSR 10 or M40a3 or a5 with a Wolverine Bolt or Mancraft SDIK. In exchange with my backup replica, from E&L gen 2. It's the AKS 74 MN in full steel with prom purple bucking and sp110 spring. Replica is like new, nearly not used, in original box and with certificats. +...
  19. General Sniper Talk
    Hi guys, i bought new JJ hop up chamber for my BAR-10 and i am not getting enough hop with 0.30g bbs and AEG normal nub 70° bucking. Hop up arms are all the way down and it's still not enough. What should i do? Pls help me guys.
1-19 of 53 Results