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  1. Wanted
    hello guys, i am in search of an ares msr spring sniper rifle preferably extras needed just the rifle and the magazine.seller must be within the EU due to custom laws Thanks for your time, Noolhs.
  2. Wanted
    Hi all, I don't know if this is the right place or if this is allowed (please let me know) but I am looking for a smokeys vsr stock if anyone has one that theyd sell or knows someone taht might sell theirs please let me know thanks :)
  3. Wanted
    Hi all, Am after a 2Roy/KA/Spartan doctrine VSR conversion kit for Tanaka M700 if anyone has one for sale or knows where I may be able to get one. Am also after any upgrades for the Tanaka M700 - will look at anything really. Cheers guys, Mike.
  4. Wanted
    Hi all, I am on the lookout for a Tanaka extended mag for my new M700 along with a 2Roy/KA/spartan pax kit and any other upgrade bits & bobs that anyone may recommend. I'll be going along the HPA route with this one - still not something done very often over here in the UK so any upgrades that...
1-4 of 4 Results