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  1. AWS/AW338
    Hey folks, while modding my Well MB4402 i broke a pin wich connects the hopup adjustment and the chamber and lost the broken part. I couldn't find any spare parts online and no online shop here in germany wanted to give me infos on the size of the part. I am now asking the Sniper community...
  2. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hi guys, I´m new to this forum, and relatively new to the sport. I´ve always had a knack for trying to be a sniper, so a while back i purchased a WELL MB4406 (Yes, money was tight lol). The info in the description said that out of the package it fired 400 - 430 FPS, no way. Havn´t had the...
  3. Others
    Hey guys, so i've done so much research on this stuff, and i am finding so many different opinions on parts that i should get for this mb4402 Some people say that I should focus on the hop up first. Others say that i need to start with a better barrel, or trigger packs, or cylinder internals...
1-3 of 3 Results