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well mb08
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    Help......Im looking for the scope base mount for my wellfire MB08 plus also the monopod and the little nub that sticks out of the gun to lock the stock when it is folded. I dont want to buy a parts gun just for those three items. Any insight will help me in locating these items. thanks
  2. General Sniper Talk
    Hello! :D I'm about to build my first sniper and I was aiming for the Well MB-08, L96. Is it a good/okay body to build on? If not, why? The gun: MB-08 BLACK [WELL] - NOTICE! that the replica has already installed reinforced piston and spring guide. Spring: Upgrade set for MB01...
  3. Others
    Hello everybody, I'm from europe and since its hard to find a decent rifle, I'm willing to upgrade a Well MB-08. I saw some reviews on youtube and in every review they gave the advise to upgrade the MB-08 cause is would be crappy when you keep it standard. Since I'm new into upgrading an...
1-3 of 3 Results