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  1. For Sale
    Hey guys, I'm back. Looking to sell off my pride and joy, currently have life issues to deal with and haven't had any time to even touch my rifle in over 15 months. I've also listed it on Reddit, hence the addition on the namecard. Price - $200, Shipping included to any of the 50 States...
  2. Non-Sniper For Sale
    Rules 1. Paypal only 2. CONUS shipping only 3. Sold as package deal unless we can work something out For Sale - G&P Upgraded M4 Upgraded Internals - SHS Blue Piston - 70D Sorbo - Lonex Steel Spring Guide with Ball Bearings - Lonex POM Piston Head (Ball Bearing Removed) - M100 Spring (believed...
  3. For Sale
    Model: M24 Make Tanaka Pre / Post Ban: Pre Ban 6.01 Tightbore by Prometheus 9Ball Hop 1x Long Mag (Airtight) 1x Long Mag (Parts Needed) 5 x Short Mags (Airtight) KA Mars Rail Kit G&G Heavy Barrel KA Bipod Stock Pouch SMK 4-16x50 AOE Parallax Adjust Illuminated Reticle SMK Mil-dot < Telescopic...
  4. For Sale
    I want to sell my TM mk23, it has a fire fly bucking and PDI barrel (I believe wither 6.01 or 6.03) Everything in the picture is included. Please feel free to shoot me a price, cash only plus shipping.
  5. For Sale
    This is a gas ARES AW338 that is a CNC version. I have never used it in game, and have the box and everything it came with. I started to upgrade it then whet with another VSR-10 and a dmr instead. I put in a custom 550 fps spring in it, a Maple leaf bucking and then stopped. It shoots great and...
  6. For Sale
    PAYPAL OR TRADES ONLY This gun almost in working order, it needs a piston and some wiring elements, but it would be better off to just get completely new wiring. Also the whole gun is disassembled including the gearbox. It has DPMS trademarks on the lower receiver. The selector slots very...
1-6 of 6 Results