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100' - 150' -200' groupings

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I said i was going to have a few shots at some different ranges so that people can compare and see what results you may get with the different upgrades. Here they are:


Target: 30x21 cm paper
Ammunition: 0.40g Mad Bull BB's
Range: 1st pic-100 feet. 2nd pic-150 feet. 3rd pic-200 feet.
position: Prone
Rest: Harris-style Bi-pod
Wind: Low, Low-Moderate, Moderate- High. Shifting.

Rifle:VSR-10 w/6-24x50 Optic, Bi-Pod
-Laylax 6.03 Perfect Sniper barrel
-PDI VSR-10 sears
-Polar Star VSR-10 Piston
-Laylax 160 spring
-G-spec Hop-up

First one is the 100 feet range. Got 1 flyer who missed the target by millimeters and 1 bad shot, but the rest of them was pretty tight. Wind conditions were good.

The second picture is the 150 feet range. The wind was picking up, and some bullets got taken by the wind and hit outside the target.

The Third picture is the 200 feet range. Moderate to strong wind with casual gusts made it hard to hit. Range was outside the effective range of my rifle, and i had to compensate for gravity by aiming approx. 50 cm above the target. Most of the shots landed to the left of the target as the wind was blowing from the right. The 1st shot was way of and some were pretty close as i saw how much i had to compensate for the wind, but only the 9th hit the target. shot 10 landed on the right side due to over-compensation.


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I'll put up a bigger target at 200 feet next time and see how it goes. Perhaps there will be a little bit less wind too

The funny thing is, that my rifle with the somewhat cheaper upgrades, where just as good as my friend's rifle who's got all PDI piston, spring guide, cylinder, cylinder head, sears, 6.01 barrell, 170 spring and costs twice as much as mine:)
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Yeah, do that! Would be nice to see your results:)
My friend is not a bad shot, so I don't think the marksmanship plays such a big role in this case. Variables like wind and such makes a far bigger difference in where the bullets hit.

It think it would be great if you guys could make a similar post. If we could gather data about groupings with different upgrades, I think it would make a great source of interesting information to discuss, and it could be usefull to all those new snipers and their riflebuilds :)
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