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Well our team has a really good sniper. I mean really good. And Ive come into the sniping game in the last three months. But one thing our team doesnt have is a support gunner. So yea, me too. Im looking at a 249 para before june this year as well.

Does that mean I wont snipe? Nope! Does it mean I wont be on here? Nope ! Does it mean I wont be building and useing my ASR or 96 ? Nope for sure it does not mean that.

What it means is that I will be a more versitile player able to fill more roles as my squad need them. Thus making me more valuable to the team as a whole.

And it means I get to get more toys !! LoL, always a plus.

So have fun man. Have fun !
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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