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3D camo

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Can you use a Suit like this as a ghillie suit and would it be effective? I was thinking if you could use it to hide from dear and turkeys, which are better at detecting a sniper than most humans, it could work against humans.
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I think it would be great in the fall where I play. There are dead leaves all over the place, and everything is brown as can be. I say it be a nice suit to where. Description says its light so that is a plus. Depending on your field it might work really well. Possibly in the summer too. Because the ground area is still brown. Only plants and bushes are green. So when you lie down, you are still blending in with the leaves that are on the ground.

Overall, I think when used correctly, that will be a nice effective suit to be used on the field.
That would be a good starting point as far as a full suit goes. Adding in your own green colors would be good for Michigan where I play. A lot of dead leave are on the ground, with low ferns and ground brush. The price seems right, and if you don't ever use it for Airsoft, you can always use it for real hunting.

I feel this is more for staying still, it would not work well for standing up.
cool, thanks. how much harder would it be to just make a ghillie suit?
Its not all that hard to make a suit actually. They take some time but I found that with a little dedication you will have yourself a great suit. You can get the supplies at a wal mart or home depot. Also, a custom made suit is really easy to modify for your surroundings. The total cost for me was around $80.

I say make one if you have the time, if not go with the suit above.
First off...hope I'm not Necroposting...

What about those "store bought guillies" from Oetech and other gear manufacturers? Would those be good for a beginner?
Not all store bought ghillies are bad, but my friends bought store bought and they are just awful. There are probably really good ones out there that can be bought at a store but I prefer making one. Makes customizing so much easier. Not to mention, how good you feel when you get her done. When someone asks you, "hey, nice ghillie, where did you get it?" You say, "I made it ;) "

I recommend you read some posts from here or other sites on how to make a ghillie suit. Think about if you are dedicated enough to stick with working on it. After completely understanding the basics of making a ghillie suit, decide whether or not to buy or make one.

From personnel experience, I was going to buy one, but decided to make one in the end. Best decision I ever made.
If I made my own guillie, I would lay down for a while, then crawl away, leaving half my attached foliage plastered to the dirt.
:(" title=":mad:" border="0"/> In other words, I probably would not do a good job. If there was like some instuctor or whatever you would call it, I would do it hands down. If people make and sell guillies, that would be even better. But as of now, I will have to stick with a store bought.

P.S I'm younger than alot of you would think and when I tend to do something like make a guillie, I don't work quite right.
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I completely understand. Its actually a good idea for you to wait if you think you can not complete the job right. There is nothing wrong with a store bought. The only reason I do not like them is because my friends use them without any vegetation.

Stick some veg in there and you will have a decent suit. Maybe in a few years when you think you are ready you'll decide to make one :)
I've got one of those. Compared to a ghillie, they are WAY more comfy in hot weather, but they don't make as good concealment to the human eye than a ghillie does. Another pro is that it is very light and you therefore have the chance to be a bit more mobile and still have good camo without passing out from heatstroke. Those suits also make a good base for placing foliage on with rubber bands. Take a look at 6mm hunters if you want an example ;)
Echo, are you referring to a store bought ghillie versus a home made one or are you talking about the 3d camo above mentioned at the beginning of the thread. The 6mm hunter use the web tex concealment vest doesn't he?

Just wondering, kind of confused at to what you are talking about, because oven and me ended with talking about whether a home made ghillie would be better.
Ah, Sorry, my bad :)
I was referring to the 3D camouflage hunting suit.

Yes the 6mm hunters use the webtex, but they also use 3D suits, just take a look at some of their vids and I think you can see one guy using the exact type of 3D suit linked in this thread.
No problem, thanks for the link :)
If you guys want a good 3-D ghillie.... look at the Special Ops Paintball Action Ghillie. I bought one of those while I was still paintballing, and I must admit I love the thing. Very light weight and very comfy. I am planning on cutting it up to make a kind of Viper hood for it.
"I am planning on cutting it up to make a kind of Viper hood for it. "

Will we be able to see some pictures of this work of art? I know you always do top quality stuff :)
Yeah I suppose I can do that. Wont be for a while to be honest with ya. I may try and do that this winter, don't know if I will have time to do it this summer.

But yeah when I get it going I will get some pics and let you know what I am doing.

I am also trying to find some fabric like that ghillie to make it out of as well. It is kind of like a football jersey, but with a hood on it . Would be nice if I could find just some plain fabric like that and then just sew some parts up and go from there.
I bought a ghillie like that, I'm pretty happy with how it works.
I do want to add banding so I can add real vegetation to it.
They stay very cool and are lightweight.
As for a real ghillie I assume they are pretty hot.

I have some youtube vids of me in the suit sniping and whatnot, a link to one of the videos

if that doesnt work just search 'blackvans1234' and my vids should pop up.
Was pretty hard to watch. Camera was shaking all over. What was on the front of your face. It made you stick out. I saw you right from the beginning because of it. Besides that, it looked pretty nice, like the rifle wrap too. By the way, what rifle is that?
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