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400 fps bolt action.

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I used Google for a bit last night on the topic of 400fps bolty's and I'd see a link to what I thought would answer my question only to find many people thinking someone was insane for wanting a 400fps bolt action.

I have experience, even though it was years ago, with VSR 10's and Bar10, plus KJW gas rifles. A little bit of experience with ASP2's, but more with VSR platforms. The thing is, back when I was into bolty's,
I was building 500-550 fps rifles. Those requiring reinforce everything...

Guess what I have in mind is buying a BAR10 G-spec...not really sure a TM VSR 10 is worth the money for a 400fps build.
Possibly buy the TM hop up chamber with stock barrel. I know a local player with a TM Gspec and he left the stock hop up and barrel in and it's very accurate. Far better quality than JG hop up chamber and brass barrel.

Would I need any reinforced trigger sears? Upgrading the cylinder set required at all? Anything I should keep in mind when building a 400fps bolt action sniper rifle? Would I need a new spring? I believe JG's shoot a bit higher than TM's

I'm really looking for something that can hit a coke can at 150ft fairly easy and not make much noise. I know my KJW M700 was insanely quiet, but I do not want to go the gas route again.

I ended up selling off all my bolt action guns because I was building them to be 300ft bb shooters and I play in some dense woods, so I seldom used them. Just came to me that a 400fps (((NO MED))) bolt action rifle would be a lot of fun and ideal for me to use on certain fields I play at locally.

Any insight and thoughts would be appreciated.
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My gun shoots at 328fps but with a cut spring which would put the pressure of one over 400fps so I would say just bother with the sears and I would begin with a second hand VSR and just change the barrel. Also no offence but your post really makes you sound conceited. Again no offence implied.
explosive said:

the conceited part - just amazed I can still run around on the field at my age. ;)
Still pumped after a damn near perfect game and multiple successful ambushes...
I'll calm down in a couple days and come back down to earth.
Apologize for coming across like I'm full of myself.
Of coarse it's ok we all get excited, I was going to say douche but that was just immature. And a bit harsh cause I get all excited when I get a load of kills or conceal myself successfully.
Lol Do you mind me asking your age cause there's guys in their forties playing at my field regularly enough.

But yeah keep it up.
Well I think he wants it on the cheap. It's all about mindset, the gun doesn't make the sniper a deadly weapon, the sniper makes the gun a deadly weapon. Anyway if cheapness is your mindset I would get a VSR stick with the stock and put a stock spring in there. The come with a TBB standard and have one of the best hop up units around. The only parts I'd do is the piston.
toomanybbs said:
But a stock spring is going to run you alot lower than 400fps. Isn't it?
Oops forgot about that, and a spring lol...(^_^')
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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