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400 fps bolt action.

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I used Google for a bit last night on the topic of 400fps bolty's and I'd see a link to what I thought would answer my question only to find many people thinking someone was insane for wanting a 400fps bolt action.

I have experience, even though it was years ago, with VSR 10's and Bar10, plus KJW gas rifles. A little bit of experience with ASP2's, but more with VSR platforms. The thing is, back when I was into bolty's,
I was building 500-550 fps rifles. Those requiring reinforce everything...

Guess what I have in mind is buying a BAR10 G-spec...not really sure a TM VSR 10 is worth the money for a 400fps build.
Possibly buy the TM hop up chamber with stock barrel. I know a local player with a TM Gspec and he left the stock hop up and barrel in and it's very accurate. Far better quality than JG hop up chamber and brass barrel.

Would I need any reinforced trigger sears? Upgrading the cylinder set required at all? Anything I should keep in mind when building a 400fps bolt action sniper rifle? Would I need a new spring? I believe JG's shoot a bit higher than TM's

I'm really looking for something that can hit a coke can at 150ft fairly easy and not make much noise. I know my KJW M700 was insanely quiet, but I do not want to go the gas route again.

I ended up selling off all my bolt action guns because I was building them to be 300ft bb shooters and I play in some dense woods, so I seldom used them. Just came to me that a 400fps (((NO MED))) bolt action rifle would be a lot of fun and ideal for me to use on certain fields I play at locally.

Any insight and thoughts would be appreciated.
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the conceited part - just amazed I can still run around on the field at my age. ;)
Still pumped after a damn near perfect game and multiple successful ambushes...
I'll calm down in a couple days and come back down to earth.
Apologize for coming across like I'm full of myself.
toomanybbs said:
Its pretty much customary that over 450Fps you upgrade the sears, so for 400 I see no need.

I would personaly upgrade the cylinder and cylinder head, to increase compression, as well as the spring guide(you can never be to careful).

I havn't had any experience with TM stock chambers, bucking, and barrels; but if your keen on getting those instead of going for a Nine ball bucking and EdGi or like barrel then go for it, but again I don't know how stock TM components perform.
Thank You! What I was pretty much after and needed to know.
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