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400fps well l96

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First of all I am new to the forum and sniping, but not airsoft. I have a well l96 and am trying to get it to be under 400fps. It is not currently upgraded but I plan to get a 6.03 tbb and the aspuk hop up chamber (, ASPUK) this combined with the tbb, will probably give an fps increase of around 50-60 so what spring would I need? I was thinking a 120 or lower. Also where can I get one and are vsr springs compatible?
Thanks, GBM
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Ok thank you. I just wondered because there is a vsr spring under the l96 section on aspuk. How much would I need to cut? Any ideas
Each coil is about 20fps. (This is an estimate)
Thanks for the help and I read your spring post. You said that laylax vsr springs fill a well l96, is it just laylax ones?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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