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5000 rd electric mag?

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hey guys, I am looking for one of those 5000 round electric winding mags, you know, the one that you can fire for like 10 minutes strait? haha, anyways if anyone has one of those I may be interested in buying it, and it has to be the battery powered electric winding mag, thanks guys :)
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It might be a good idea to tell everyone what kind of gun you would like this magazine to fit. There are many guns on the market that are compatible with high capacity electric mags.

Also, please do all of us a favor and check your capitalization, spelling and grammar. This isn't part of a graduate school English program, but it is part of the forum rules. Thanks.
You're replying with the same grammatical errors as before. I give up on this.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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