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I am just little confused.

PDI makes for Tanaka only one type of barrel and it is 6.05 I don´t know why, EDGI makes 6.00 or 6.01 and than only VSR conversion + 554mm barrel by PDI (VSR-10 long ver.)

Because Tanaka m700 has 650mm barrel and VSR-10 has only 554mm I don´t know if I want lose 100mm or it doesn´t matter? Or for gas sniper rifle is ok pdi 6.05? Or EDGI is the same quality as a PDI and it is the best choice?

I am really lost in these barrels...

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It doesn't matter for the VSR, the kit comes with a longer end cap for the barrel so the barrel is supported. The longest barrel for the VSR is 554/555 mm there used to be and a 590/600mm but I haven't seen one for quite some time!

You'll get better grouping with the 6.03/6.04 at longer distances than with the 6.01.
But you'll see higher fps with the 6.01 ... Not that it really matters !

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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