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6.03 650mm vs 510mm 6.01

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Hey guys wanted to get your thoughts on how much a difference I will get in terms of better accuracy at 300ft. The barrels are both from RA tech, I haven't got the 650mm 6.03 barrel yet. I gun im using is my HPA kc02.

here the hpa kc02

and the chrono with madbull .40s

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I would go with the 650mm 6.03 barrel, you use HPA so you should see a velocity increase with the longer barrel. By the way, nice rifle!
Thanks for comment :)
However, the bad thing about a barrel that's too long is that it tends to wobble, so put a ton of spacers on it!
I would say go with a 6.03 510mm, unless you are using the extra length to try and out an LRB in it.
If I had the option to go for that one, then I probably would too.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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