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A Case for Vortex scopes

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Hey guys, people often make posts about which scope to use and why. Personallly, I would buy nothing but a Vortex.

Not sure how it happened, but my $350 Vortex scope was causing me problems. No matter what, the bb shot left of the reticle. Because of this I decided to send the scope in for repair. They recieved my scope and responded very quickly, and sent me. After about two weeks, they emailed me saying a package was shipped to my house. To my delight, inside was a brand new scope in perfect working order. Just like that, I effectively doubled the value of my original purchase.

Now in posting this, I'm not recommending you all go out and buy $350 scopes. What I am recommending is buying Vortex, whatever the price is, as this warranty covers all their products. The best part was, I got my original scope used (which is still under warranty!) so I actually profited from this encounter.
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They're only $350??

I see reps going for $180+, thought they were $600+...
They're only $350??

I see reps going for $180+, thought they were $600+...
NVM... one I want is $5-600....

Which one do you have OP?
NVM... one I want is $5-600....

Which one do you have OP?
Vortex Diamondback HP
Vortex Diamondback HP
$480... Am I missing a coupon? lol
Nah look around, you can find em cheaper. Mines the 3-12 version.
I second vortex. Their crossfire lpvo is really good for nearly any weapon, whether it’s tossing lead or plastic.
Not saying I’m a brand snob, as I use my fair share of off-brands. But if you don’t want to have to buy it again, get you a serious optic: vortex for a scope, sig sauer for a red dot. They just work.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't something like the Sig Buckmaster also come with a lifetime warranty? That could also be a solid option.
Personally though, I think a cheap Swiss Arms scope is good enough for airsofting needs.
I believe Sig essentially copied Vortex's warranty so they may be a good option too, but I still think Vortex has the best service and covers the most. The fact that you can have your scope shot out completely on purpose and they will just send you a new one is awesome.
I own a bunch of Vortex stuff. Mostly for real steel, but a few tubes of glass have found their way on to airsoft.

Only thing I will say "no, hell no" to is the Venom, Razor or Viper for real pistol mounting.
They are junk....... well, for slide ride mounting. Rifle they seem to do well and if you run them OFF the slide, they maintain.

Other than that, everything else they makes is good stuff
I managed to get ahold of a Vortex Viper PST 1-4x from a friend who was selling it... I'm hoping it's the last scope I ever have to buy.

One thing I found strange was trying to find the reticle spec sheet. The reticle says TW/CQ, so I looked up TW/CQ reticle to no avail. Took a while for me to figure out that it's actually supposed to be TM/CQ - Tactical Milling / Close Quarter. Fearing it was a very deceptive fake, I reached out and emailed Vortex to see what they thought of it, sent them pictures of the scope itself and the reticle, and apparently it is genuine - a genuine fluke. They offered that I could send it in and have it "corrected" for free, even though I wasn't the original owner. I opted to keep it as is, I love my unicorn scope.
Imo. Vortex has lifetime warranty cause it will eventualy break or loose zero. I have cheap matrix scope from evike and its just fine... for airsoft. That bbein said i run snb or nf or my real steel.
Yeah, you have to decide if you wanna rock a $20 or $200 scope on your shitty toy gun, and for some of us the choice is different. If you are looking at spending actual money though, I'd get the one with a lifetime warranty for situations like this, or if you rage quit and wack a tree with your gun and need a new scope.

Especially important for red dots, as the new Novristtshcshst dot is like $160 or something, which you would only have to break/get shot out twice before you with you got a Vortex or something.
Good point! Vortex also have affordable scopes too. Its a plus to have a warraty. There is something called a glass shield ... you can swap it in front of your optics so they dont get shot in too. I would not want to get a 200$ + scope of my airsofts beeing shattered ... for the wacking on the tree thing ,anger management control and weed is fine for me. It happenned too few many times when i couldnt get a hold of myself in raging episodes ... and the cost of parts on long term just gets to purge the wallet.... a hobby is a hobby ... and it has no price until you are broke lol
I was just looking at scope covers. I wish they made them zip up so if the scope was off the rifle it could be enclosed. Maybe they do idk. MidwayUSA has nice covers, maybe they’ll ship to canada.
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