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A couple of questions about my UTG L96

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These are probably really newbie questions, but I'm just starting out on technical work on my gun. So all help is appreciated!

Question 1(about the hop-up):
There's supposed to be something on the black piece protruding out in front of the spring right? How much do they cost? What are the best ones?


Question 2(About the bolt):
Is there anyway to keep the screw pictured from coming loose? I'm afraid it's gonna come out one day when I'm not paying attention and I'll lose it. When I try to tighten it in all the way the bolt locks up.


Thanks guys!
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I have a bar10 but I had the same problem with the bolt locking up from the screw being in too tight. what I did was I took some paper and put it inside the piece the screw goes into that hold the handle in place. The paper goes in the space around the screw so when I put it all together the paper acts like a shim and keeps the end from going too far and locking the handle. I don't have the terminology for it so I hope that made sense.
I get what you mean, haha. :p I was thinking of just cutting a piece of duct tape and throwing it back there. But I just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything wrong before I did that.
You mean the hop up arm? Yes you can get new plastic ones or you can buy a metal one here:

From what I know about how the bolt is assembled, you should be able to tighten the screw without locking up the bolt handle for an L96. Also, don't worry, the screw may come loose, but it won't come out on it's own, it's a large screw with plenty of threads and it holds the rod that the spring guide sits on, it's practically impossible for it to just pop out.
I was talking about what I think is the "nub." The piece that goes on top of the hop-up arm. I was just making sure that that is where it goes because I've never seen an illustration of it before.

If I tighten it down it definitely makes it hard to even move the bolt up, and I was afraid of breaking something so I stopped there and just loosened it until I could freely move the bolt again.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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